Aluminum Fabrication Services

Aluminum Belt Clamp

Whether you're in need of a duplicate of a part you already have or a brand new aluminum part which doesn't exist yet, Dolan's Welding & Steel Fabrication, Inc. can also handle your aluminum fabrication needs. Our technicians are experts at the fabrication process including casting, rolling, extruding, forging, drawing and machining. We can also finish aluminum parts using polish, paint or electroplating as you desire to reach the desired aesthetic look.

Aluminum fabrication is important for numerous different industries including engineering, industrial projects, architecture, communications, general construction, utilities and power transmission, machine shops, sign companies, printing, marine technology and even art. We are able to serve all of these markets through our sophisticated technologies and techniques. Regardless of your needs, we can provide you with the aluminum parts you need to get the job done, in any sector.

What are the benefits of choosing aluminum for your next project? Aluminum has many advantages; since it is lightweight, it is easy to transport. It is easy to shape but it is also strong and sturdy and holds its shape well. Because aluminum is easy to transport it also costs less to move, and when mixed with other alloys which contain a higher density, it can become even stronger while still retaining its lightness. It takes less pressure to shape aluminum, which saves money during the fabrication process—money which is passed on to you as the customer in the form of savings. Aluminum is also an attractive metal, and even without finishing it can provide a finished, professional look.

If you have a precise design in mind for creation, you can call us for a consultation; our team of technicians will meet with you and discuss your project in detail. If you don't have a design in mind, we'll help you create one. Once we've reviewed and finalized the plan, we'll pass it along to our machine operators, who will shape the metal into the parts you need. Once the part you requested is created, we will check it over for errors. If there are no flaws, you may request that we create duplicates of the form you've commissioned, or we can work on combining parts into more complex objects as needed. Our technology is top of the line and provides state of the art precision, and all of our professionals are highly trained in the art of fabrication. Top-notch technology and operation gets you top-notch results.

Don't forget that while aluminum is great for many projects, our company also specializes in steel fabrication, which may be better for some ventures. If you're interested in going with a different metal, our team will talk with you about your project and we'll provide recommendations for you for whatever we think is best. Together, we'll take your creative vision and forge it into a reality—one that is strong, lightweight, durable, attractive, and ideal to serve as a part in your next project, no matter what industry you're in.