CNC Drilling And Rolling

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One of the many services we offer is CNC drilling and rolling. If you're not familiar with CNC drilling and rolling, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This is a major part of the production process for many parts, and we do everything we can to reduce the time required for drilling. Our machines include multiple spindles with drills which have different diameters so that we can deal with parts with varied hole diameters. Automatic and semi-automatic drilling usually suffices for low-volume jobs. When there are high volume jobs, we use geared heads in order to complete the drilling process in one pass. This eliminates the need for multiple passes which in turn makes it easier to get the job done all at once.

Another type of machine which is related is the CNC plate roller. CNC plate rolling is also controlled by computer and comes in use any time a part requires a plate of material to be rolled into a pipe or a similar shape. Our machines use state-of-the-art CNC rolling technology so that they can roll tight diameters and thin materials. Our high-tech equipment is also more efficient than many plate rollers you'll find elsewhere, allowing us to save time and therefore pass on savings to you as the customer.

CNC rolling and drilling are used in conjunction with many different types of industrial projects. If you need us to do rolling or drilling for you as part of a project, we'll be glad to consult with you to determine your needs. Together we'll draft up a plan and a budget that will save you money and help you to get the parts you need crafted quickly and cost efficiently.

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