Robotic Welding Services

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Here at Dolan's Welding & Steel Fabrication, Inc., we specialize in steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication, and more. One of the ways we offer you the best products is by employing the latest technology including robotic welding as part of our processes. Robotic welding offers numerous advantages over manual welding which pay off both for you and for us. Here are some of the reasons we've chosen to bring this state of the art technology to our shop:

Robotic welding produces faster welding cycle times with fewer production breaks.

This means that the product you request can be created more quickly, which means you spend less time waiting, and you also spend less money on our time. The result for you is savings in more way than one. With manual welding you would have to wait longer for your parts, and that means that you'd be spending time waiting instead of making money. We get you the finished results swiftly so you can start using your parts as needed.

You get a higher quality product altogether

Robotic welders are more precise than manual welders and can reach areas human beings find challenging to reach. That precision is also repeatable, which means that a robot can do a precise action again and again. This is great for creating duplicate parts that really are identical. You get a consistent weld seam with robotic welders, and the entire product ends up being a superior one.

Robotic welding allows for flexibility

A manual worker may only have a few specialties and may not be able to tackle a different project. Robots can weld numerous different products and do so in a timely fashion. They don't forget how to do a task or require extensive training.

Robotic welding offers many advantages to us as far as operating our business is concerned, which drops expenses for you

For example, it takes some of our workers out of the way of hazardous situations, which means we don't have to worry about hazard pay. Less material is wasted with robotic welding. Production speed increases, and labor costs drop. Manual welders are traditionally quite expensive to employ since they often require training. If there are staffing issues, often workers are required to do overtime, which raises production costs substantially—that doesn't happen with robotic welding. With all of these savings associated with production, we're able to offer you a lower cost for your commission.

These are just some of the many reasons we've integrated robotic welding into our shop. Robotic welders can help us to produce a wide variety of steel, aluminum, and other metal parts which can be used for your projects, no matter what sector you are in. With the assistance of this technology, we can offer you more precise, accurate products which contain the highest quality, and we can do so at a lower cost than you'd pay for an inferior product produced elsewhere. Robotic welding allows us to offer you the finest production at a superior price!